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Variety of shopping alternatives in Lebanon

Variety of shopping alternatives in Lebanon

Touring Lebanon can be a smart idea to shop what is contemporary on one side and what is traditional on the other at relatively low prices. No doubt about that, for in Lebanon, traditional souks (markets) are found all over the country offering everything that is attractively designed and hand engraved and worked from traditional pottery, glassware and cutlery to cloth, silk and wool kaftans, Abayas and table linen.

The newly developed Beirut Souks in the Soldiere district of downtown Beirut, which now occupies the site of the former traditional souk area, the Saifi Village which occupies another corner of that city along with other souks spread all over Lebanon, have streets crowded with every luxurious and international brand, artisans, contemporary boutiques, galleries and specialist shops.

Check out our “Retail Shopping” category and find some of the best shops in town.

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